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US graduate inspiring young players

Speaking in a different accent and showing off some stick skills has been an attention-grabbing tactic for Trevor O’Brien, a participant in the Graduate Exchange Program from Massachusetts, USA.

As well as coaching Subiaco’s Under 15 boys, Trevor has done some development workshops at Shenton College. The lacrosse experience that he and others from the US bring is starting to pique more interest in the local game.  

“In US there’s many more people playing so the skill level is so much greater,” says the 23 year old. “We’ve got a lot to share and there’s definitely potential in the Under 15s.”

At senior level, Trevor says some good wins early in the season for the State League team has seen more people coming back to the game. “Now we have subs, so there’s more competition and everyone goes a little harder. That’s a good thing for skills development.”

The Economics and Finance graduate from Hartford University is in the second year of his exchange program, and enjoying full time work and some chilled leisure time in Australia. “I thought our beaches were great, but WA beaches really blow them out of the water,” he says.